The Creator's Perspective on Influencer Marketing course was developed by four creators who are part of Mavrck's Creator Advisory Board, each focusing on the below topics.

Chrissy Carroll (@chrissytherd):

  • Blogging best practices
  • Pinterest best practices

John William Barger III (@jwbarger):

  • Reasonable deliverables and timelines
  • Why engagement matters, but quality matters more

Olia Hamolia (@olia_chicago):

  • Diversifying influencer marketing channels
  • One-off collaborations vs. multi-month contracts

Rose Montoya (@rosalynnemontoya):

  • Working with LGBTQPIA+ individuals year round
  • How to contact & respect a LGBTQPIA+ creators
Creator Advisory Board

Not only is each creator an active member of Mavrck’s Creator Advisory Board, but the group has collectively completed 200+ campaigns within the Mavrck platform — supporting a variety of enterprise brands such as Express, Timex, Crocs, Lindt, Walgreens, Reebok, and more.


Here's a special introduction to Influence University and this creator-run course, brought to you by DeMario Jackson (@demariojackson_), who is also a member of Mavrck's Creator Advisory Board!

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