About the Course

The Influencer Marketing 101 course of Influence University is the most foundational of all courses. We’ll walk through the following topics to bring you up to speed on all the basics of influencer marketing:

  • Learning what social proof is, how it works, why it's important, and how to incorporate it within your influencer marketing strategy.
  • Understanding the relationship between user-generated content and influencers plus how you can better power UGC with influencer marketing.
  • Generating and tracking ROI by using influencers alongside promotions, coupon codes, and tracking links.
  • Leveraging influencer marketing as a powerful tactic for a new product launch.
  • Diversifying your influencer marketing campaigns by activating bloggers to create evergreen content for your brand.
  • Understanding some common influencer campaign challenges that can arise when activating creators and learning how to avoid them.
  • Best practices around incentive strategy and how to best plan your influencer compensation

Course Curriculum

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